Winner Photo Contest ‘Animal Kingdom’

Who is the winner of the Xpozer Photo Contest? Ron and Rick Heeres were on the juries of the photo contest ‘Animal Kingdom’. They picked a top 3 from all photos in the top 25 and wrote feedback.

The winner of the ‘Animal Kingdom’ contest is …

Photo: Wendy Drent

Ron & Rick on the winning photo:

The simplicity, soft colours and composition, totally hit the mark. This beautiful male fallow deer is king in his kingdom. This photo says it all about the Animal Kingdom subject. Actually, nothing to criticise, but if the photo is cropped, a slightly zoomed-out image would show the fallow deer even more in its surroundings.

2nd place goes to … Tim!

Photo: Tim de Keirsmaeker

With this photo, we immediately thought, “We want to make this one too!” The black-and-white composition gives the photo a somewhat sinister atmosphere with the heavy skies, the bare trees and the zebras fit in perfectly. If the photo had been taken vertically and the central tree a bit more isolated that would have been my preference. We are big Africa fans ourselves, so this photo evokes memories.

3rd place is …

Photo: Patrizia Ennemoser

ron & rick about the third place:

During the right moment, in the right place! A calm foreground and background, accentuating the subject. The black eye of the ground squirrel is sharp and, together with the poppy’s red flower, the photo’s focal point. As a result, it gives the photo a lot of charm, emotion and tranquillity.


Congrats on all of your submissions! It has been great to see so many awesome photos. Did you enjoy the contest? We’ve got a new one going all the way until the end of February. We are looking for your best winter photos!