How to shoot abstract photos – tips and tricks

Taking abstract photos requires creativity and another way of looking at the world. It’s not just about your subject, but even more so about shapes, colors and atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be anything, and could be everything. That is what makes this type of photography interesting. You could look at an abstract photo for hours and still find new shapes and colors. Do you want to know more about taking abstract photos? You’re in the right place!

Abstract photography doesn’t have rules

Abstract photos are photos that don’t have a traditional subject and/or don’t follow traditional rules. The subject of the photo might be a feeling, texture, color or pattern. It’s a more creative, artsy form of photography.

Where to start?

Take an everyday object and look at all the details you see. What shapes do you see? Why did you choose this particular object, what about it made you interested in it? Do you like the colors it has or the textures you see? Find an angle, zoom in, use creative lighting to make it even more special.

Movement in abstract photos

Capturing motion could also get you some awesome abstract photos. Go to a place with lots of moving objects, water, people or vehicles. Set your shutter speed too low, use a tripod. Now see what happens when you take a photo. It might turn into a magical wonderland or might turn into garbage. So experiment away, get the hang of the effects of different shutter speeds and take some awesome artsy photos!

How to get it done

In abstract photography, everything is possible. Go explore color, shapes, structures and movement. See what happens. You don’t have to plan anything, just let it all happen. Take your camera with you, indoors or outside, and find out whatever catches your interest. Try to look at an object another way than just its functionality. Zoom in, zoom out, try to find out why the object or place caught your eye. Try to make the viewer curious.

Good luck! ?

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