Everything You Need to Know About Stock Photos

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Maybe you’ve heard about stock photos before, already know about them, or maybe this is the first time you’ve read anything about them. In this blog I’ll tell you all about stock photos, what they are, tips on how to use them and where to find them. All the frequently asked questions will be addressed.

Tip! At the end of this article I will give some more examples of hilarious stock photos that I have come across during my work.

What Are Stock Photos?

Stock photos are photos that are not taken on behalf of a customer, but photos that photographers take on their own initiative and sell (online). Stock photos are actually photos that are “in stock” ready for sale.Selling stock photos can be a fun side gig for photographers, some talented photographers will undoubtedly make a lot of money through this method. Popular, current topics are usually best-sellers, because they are in high demand. In 2020, for example, there was a mountain of photos on stock photo websites of people wearing masks and other corona-related photos were also very popular. At Xpozer, we sometimes use stock images to format advertisements or to supplement blogs.

You can also use stock photos to decorate your walls. You can download a stock photo and order it on Xpozer. Make sure you have the correct resolution. More on that later.

Where Do I Find Stock Photos?

There are many stock photo websites. The most well-known sites are also the biggest. You may have heard of Shutterstock, Adobe Stock (formerly Fotolia), Dreamstime, Getty Images and iStock. The list of stock photo websites is so long, I could go on and on. Therefore I won’t discuss them all extensively.

Most major stock photo websites only work with a subscription. Preventing you from buying individual photos. This is appealing for companies that often need photos, for example the editors of a news website. On most websites you can start a free trial and download a few selected photos for free. When doing this always make sure to read the terms & conditions so you are not accidentally tied to a subscription. If you want to select a photo to print on Xpozer, Pexels or Unsplash are some great free options.

Ok So, I have Downloaded a Stock Photo, What Am I Allowed to Do With It?

Even if you buy a photo, always pay attention to the rights you’ve purchased. Always read the full license you agree to as soon as you download a photo. For example, you cannot use certain photos for commercial purposes, or you are not allowed to edit them. Using a stock photo as decoration in your own home is generally not an issue. 

⚠️ Always read the licensing terms thoroughly !

What Does a Stock Photo Cost?

Stock photo prices can vary. Some websites offer all their photos for free. The major websites largely work with subscription services. You do not pay per photo, but depending on your subscription you pay a fixed amount either monthly or annually. This allows you to download a fixed number of photos, or you receive a number of credits which you can use to download photos. The number of credits that a photo costs depends, among other things, on the size of the photo. A photo with larger dimensions will cost you more credits than a photo with smaller dimensions.

Other websites offer the option to buy individual photos. The price depends on the quality and dimensions of the photo, how much the photographer has already sold, whether the photographer offers the photo on other websites and if the photo is unique.

This isn’t set in stone, but you can assume a photo costs somewhere between a few cents and hundreds of dollars/pounds/euros.

Can I Sell My Own Photos On Stock Photo Websites?

Yes you can! Anyone can register as a stock photographer. You provide a number of photos as a kind of audition. The photos are assessed and if they are good enough, you can sell on the website.

The more the website pays, the higher the quality they demand. This means that the photos you sell must meet very high standards. This is way they can guarantee good quality and prevent a surplus of similar photos. Whilst also keeping it profitable for the photographers to sell their photos on the website.

In some cases you earn more per photo when you sell more. You move to a higher level once you have a predetermined amount of sales to your name. Your exclusivity also comes at a price. If you only sell your photos on one particular website, and nowhere else, your photo has more value for that website. This means they’re usually willing to pay you more.

How can I be sure that my stock photo is the correct size for printing on Xpozer?

The photo you want to print on Xpozer must be of good quality. This of course depends on the Xpozer size you choose. Check out this page for more information: ​How to check your resolution for big Xpozer Prints?

Why Can’t I Choose Stock Photos from the Xpozer Website?

We currently only print photos provided by our customers. This may change in the future. We are photographers ourselves, so we really enjoy encouraging people to give their own photography a place in their home or workplace. You can of course search and upload stock photos yourself while ordering your Xpozer. We are always happy to help you adjust your order according to your wishes.

All Well and Good, But What Funny Stock Photos Have You Found?

You would expect photographers to take simple, clear photos in order to sell. And yet you still come across photos that are a little … more creative. I’m happy to share some nice examples that made me laugh a lot. These photos make browsing stock photo websites so much fun. You sometimes go from one surprise to the next!

Funny Stock photo 1

Aaahrrgg! Why? Why would you hold a fan in your hand like that? When I look at this photo I just think: be careful not to get your hair in the fan! The rest of the look is also quite… special.

Funny Stock Photo 2

So, I can’t think of any article that I would write where this photo would complement my story. Can you? ?

Funny Stock Photo 3

“Mmmm, let me think for a moment with this pineapple on my head …”- said no one ever…?

Funny Stock Photo 4

Yeah, okay, it’s just been Halloween. But when would someone need this photo? Why that cat? And what are they looking at anyway? And what’s in the tubes on the table? So many questions! ??

Funny Stock Photo 5

An ad about IKEA’s storage boxes, an article about sleepwalking, or a blog about drug use. Those are the only things I can think of that could possibly call for this photo.

Funny Stock Photo 6

What would this T-shirt be made of that this man needs protective clothing? Or is there a very chemical substance in the iron? So many questions!

Funny Stock Photo 7

“Hi honey, send me a cheeky photo!” – he asked her once and never again ?

Top Tips to Take Away From This Article

  • Search for photos on one of the many stock photo websites and pay attention to the licenses.
  • As a photographer, you can also sell photos on stock photo websites.
  • The prices of stock photos vary widely. Make sure you do not take out an unintended subscription.
  • If you want to download a photo to print on Xpozer, make sure that the dimensions are large enough. Do not choose low quality photos if you want to order large Xpozers.
  • Have a blast during your search, because you will find hilarious images!