Best Photo Printing Service 2022

Seeing your photos printed is an awesome experience and we highly recommend it to all photographers. So what is the best photo printing service in 2022?

#1 ?: Best Overall: Xpozer Photo Lab

“Xpozer prints are bright, sharp and color-accurate at all sizes, especially the huge sizes where several services lose quality. Our pick for the best photo printing service is Xpozer”

– Jessica
best photo printing service
Which are you getting above your couch?

The Test: Your photo printed as Wall Art

These days most of our cameras are digital and the majority of our photos are saved that way too – on computers, hard drives, and in the cloud. Our photos are available everywhere, easily shared, yet sadly distant. Luckily, there’s a fix for this. Printed photos make your photography real, something you can see and touch and share, keeping each adventure and memory alive. But what is the best photo printing service?

test and review photo services

Here at Xpozer, we believe in large photo prints. It’s our specialty and the only thing we do. We believe that seeing your photos big and on the wall is one of the best ways not only to improve your photography skills but also to share your passion with others. But of course, there are many more ways to enjoy your photos printed – photo books, birthday cards, anniversary gifts, and tons of other photo products. 

We put together this list of “Best Online Photo Print Services” as an overview of the best of the best-printed photos. It’s based on our years of experience in the photo print world and our own convictions about the best ways to keep your photography alive. Our top considerations were:

  • The sharpness of the photo print
  • Color accuracy of the print
  • Customer service
  • Available print sizes
  • Price

Photos can do so much good in your life, but only if you really see and appreciate them. This list with Best Photo Printing Services will help you do just that!

Best Overall: Print Service for Wall Art

Xpozer ( “Xpozer prints are bright, sharp, and color-accurate at all sizes, even the huge sizes where several services lose quality. If you are taking your photos seriously… this is your choice.”

Runner up: For Other Products

Bay Photo Lab ( “Bay Photo Lab offers a great line of photographic products. If you are also looking for additional products like a photo book, calendar, cards… this is your choice.”

Top 10: List of Best Photo Print Services 2022

1. Xpozer Photo Lab

Xpozer is the newest and best way to hang your photos large on the wall (up to 40″ x 80″ or 100x200cm for metric guys ?). Xpozer is specialized in big and high-quality prints for wall art/home décor. They are printed on a custom-developed Vivid Satin photo material, which is only available through Xpozer. With a high resolution of 2,400 dpi and a 12-color-ink set, photos look razor-sharp and hang picture-perfect using the Xpozer Forever Frame.

Xpozer: How it works

Every Xpozer print includes corner pieces pre-mounted on the back that click into the Xpozer Forever Frame. It’s called the Forever Frame because you can endlessly swap your newest photo prints into the frame and hang them beautifully on the wall. When you have a new great photo, you only need to buy an Xpozer print and then hang it with the Xpozer frame you already have. Because the Xpozer system includes the frame and hanging hardware, you can say goodbye to worries about how to hang your large, gallery-size photos – less stress and less cost for you!


Vivid Satin Makes the Difference

Xpozer’s Vivid Satin material is not textured like canvas, nor reflective like acrylic. It’s 100% non-glare, even in full sunlight. It’s also not heavy to hang or expensive like metal or framed prints.


Because people take more than one great image Xpozer offers a 4Pack where you receive credit for four photo prints and a FREE frame that will be shipped with your first print.

4Pack: Because You Take More Than 1 Great Image

Xpozer 4pack the best online photo lab for prints
Xpozer 4Pack with a Free reusable Frame

In addition, every Xpozer customer receives free access to the e-course “How to Get Your Digital Photos Off Your Computer and Into Your Life,” with practical, step-by-step guidance on preparing your photos for large-size printing. Xpozer also offers free photo checks that look at the resolution, aspect ratio, sharpness, contrast, and color profile.

For large-size prints, Xpozer’s prices are impressively low and definitely lower than prices for canvas, acrylic, metal, and framed prints. This comes from the product’s smart design and its focus on Xpozer only. The company is not trying to do it all, offering photos printed on a wide range of print mediums or products like many other photo printers. Xpozer only does Xpozer and they do it awesomely.

Mouning frame for poster size prints.
Award-winning and patented design

Xpozer unboxing. Picture frame with print and packaging.
Secure packaging and storage of your print

Thanks to Xpozer’s compact and lightweight design, shipping is only $9.95 within the continental USA, no matter how big the print. Xpozer is also available to customers worldwide with equally well-priced shipping.

Xpozer is listed number 1 on our list for the best photo printing service 2022 because Xpozer is a great option if you are looking for a larger number of prints. For example, when organizing a photo exhibition, decorating your office, or hanging point-of-sale displays. Check out the possibilities and ask for a quotation.

Xpozer has just released a new service to have your photo checked by a photo expert. They give you personalized advice about the quality of your image and tips to optimize your image so you get the most out of your photo and print.

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2. Bay Photo Lab

Bay Photo Lab is a full-service photo lab that offers a variety of photo print mediums. They’ve been in business for over 40 years, which means they’re respected and offer consistently good quality products and high customer service. From wall prints on metal, acrylic, canvas, and wood, to cards, envelopes, calendars, books, and gifts (jewelry, coasters, ornaments, and more!), you’ll find it at Bay Photo in great quality. Therefore they should be included in our Best Online Photo Printing Service list.

Bay Photo Lab is number 2 in our test for the best printing service 2019. Bay Photo products, including prints on canvas, metal and acrylic. This is one of the best and reliable photo labs of the states.
Bay Photo offers a wide range of products

Bay Photo offers a huge range of ways to enjoy your photos. Shipping prices are very reasonable, but increase significantly with the size and weight of your product, so just be aware. They offer two ways of ordering, through their website and through their desktop ordering service ROES. Because of this professional ordering service, Bay Photolab is listed second in our list for the best photo printing service 2022.

Bay Photo ordering options online and ROES. Discounts and reviews of professional photographers can be found on youtube and facebook.
Order via their website or ROES software

3. AdoramaPix

AdoramaPix is a quality printer that offers a ton of different printed photo products. You can get your photos printed on metal, canvas, wood, or photo paper as well as on photo books, greeting cards, calendars, and more. With their new Wall Designer software, you can even visualize what your space would look like with your photos on the wall. This is a super handy tool for photographers having trouble imagining their photos big and in their home – What size do you like? What ratio looks best? You’ll be able to figure it out yourself.

AdoramaPix is number 3 in our test for the best printing service 2019. AdoramaPix designer for uploading and printing photos for wall décor.
AdoramaPix has a nice designer

AdoramaPix offers free shipping for orders of $49+ but pays attention because some sizes are excluded. Unfortunately, they only ship within the continental USA and Canada. AdoramaPix is listed third in our list for best photo printing service 2022.

Wall decor styles and options from AdoramaPix. Reviews and discounts are on their own websites. Subscribe for more discount on printing products.
AdoramaPix has software for making a collage

4. Miller’s Professional Imaging

Miller’s Lab is a one-step solution for professional photographers. From photo album printing to wall art and branding on your favorite items, it offers exclusively pro solutions. Miller’s product lines include services for specific categories of pro photography such as sports and events and school photography.

Millers photo lab is number 4 in our test for the best printing service 2019.  Millerslab gallery wraps for printing your images with an online photo service.
Hmmm…. wraps ?

With their Designer Plus software, you can access a range of DIY design products and a layout wizard for album and book design. Located in the USA, Miller’s has the quickest turnaround when it comes to production (1-3 day production). They offer mostly free shipping, however, depending on your location, shipping times may vary. Their focus is more on professionals that resell their photos.

Millers Photo lab's ordering options for uploading your photos online at Millers. Discounts and reviews can be found on the Millers Photo lab website.
Lots of different ordering options here

5. Snapfish

Snapfish is a top-rated photo printing site that offers a huge range of photo print products. From large wall prints on canvas, metal, acrylic, wood, and framed prints, to small size photo prints to photo gifts such as pillows, mugs, blankets, trays, bags, clocks, and much more, with Snapfish there’s always a new way to share your photos with others. 

Snapfish is number 5 in our test for the best printing service 2019. Snapfish online photo service review and discount options.
You can find small products for small prices at Snapfish

Snapfish offers a “Lowest Price Guarantee” on seven products: 5×7 Flat Photo Cards, 11oz Photo Mugs, 8 x 11 Hardcover Photo Books; 11×14 and 16 x 20 Canvas Prints and 8.5 x 11 Wall Calendars. Even beyond these products, their prices are truly low and the quality remains high. 

Many Snapfish cards and gifts can be picked up same-day at a national partner store in the USA (such as Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart), which can be super convenient for American customers. Not all products are available for pick-up in every story so pay close attention when ordering. Therefore we listed Snapfish number 5 in our list for the best photo printing service 2022.

Canvas sale for printing your photo on canvas at Snapfish. Search for discounts at the internet for large discounts up to 72% on photo books.
We would like to see some larger sizes

Snapfish is also known for offering discounts and deals throughout the year. If you visit their website now, chances are high that you’ll see discounts available today.

6. Shutterfly

We come down to number 6 in our list for the best photo printing service. Shutterfly started serving the printing industry in 1999 and like other digital pioneers, it started with 4” x 6” photo prints and later expanded its products and services globally. If you’re looking for a unique photo gift, you’ll find it here. From customized socks, bracelets, phone chargers, and backpacks to home decor items like blankets, placemats, and office organizers it really seems like Shutterfly offers all the small-to-medium-size photo products available. If you’re looking for wall art, they offer smaller-sized prints (up to 24” x 36”) on a variety of materials. 

Shutterfly discount for storing and ordering your photos online. Print your photos here with huge discounts.
You even have the option to store your photos at Shutterfly ?

Shutterfly offers free and unlimited storage of even full-resolution photos and promises to never delete your photos. Their website promotes a 100% happiness guarantee because they say they never want to compromise on quality and their customer service platform is robust. Like Snapfish, Shutterfly offers deals on special days and discounts for bulk orders. Here’s a tip: If you ever choose Shutterfly for bulk printing, contact their support for an exclusive discount.

Shutterfly ranked number 6 in our test for the best printing service 2019. There are many Wall decor options at Shutterfly online service. The print quality varies and you can get discounts up to 50%.
They seemed more focused on smaller products

7. Nations Photo Lab

Nations Photo Lab is another printing all-rounder in our list of Best Photo Printing Services. (That’s what we call printers that offer a dizzying array of mediums and products.) Nations Photo Lab is a well-known, reliable, quality printer that offers photo prints in small-to-medium sizes as well as photos on “wall décor” products, “photo gifts,” “photo books,” and “cards” etc. Therefore it has ranked number 7 in our list for the best photo printing service 2022.

Ordering your photos with the app at Nations Photo Lab to get the best print service.
You can order via their app

Their convenient lists such as “Gifts for Her”, “Bridesmaids Gifts”, or “Gifts for Grandparents” make shopping just that much easier. You can also order canvas, acrylic, and metal prints, but not in sizes over 24” x 36” so if you want to go bigger than that above your couch, you’ll likely need to look elsewhere. 

Nations Photo lists production times per product so be sure to check before ordering if you’re under a time crunch. Most production happens within 1 – 8 days. Ground shipping times are calculated based on the distance from their production facility in Maryland, USA. Expect 1 – 5 days for free ground shipping on most orders over $49.00.

Nation Photo Lab has ranked as number 7 in our test for the best printing service 2019. Expensive Metal prints at Nations Photo Lab. Reviews and discounts can be found on discount websites.
We would like to see more larger sizes here… ?


Number 8 in our list for best photo printing service 2022 is WHCC. Which stands for White House Custom Color (abbreviated WHCC). WHCC is a professional printing company that stands out for three reasons. 

WHCC is number 8 in our test for the best printing service 2019. WHCC photo lab has many reviews of their print products. Also discount up to 15% can be found on the internet.
You have to register first before seeing prices
  1. It’s a quality printer that doesn’t offer photo gifts beyond books and albums. You won’t find mugs or key chains or pillows at WHCC. You will find a range of wall displays, books, and albums (and a few other products). 
  2. Before ordering, you have to register as a client. It’s free and creates a very different user experience because their website isn’t covered in “order now” buttons. 
  3. WHCC takes its environmental responsibility seriously. The roof of their lab is covered with solar panels and they use 100% post-consumer waste for all internal operations. 

Many products include free two-day shipping to USA addresses, and large wall display products include free ground shipping in the USA. Their customer support team is well-trained and readily available. 

If you sell photos to customers and are looking for a reliable printing partner, definitely consider WHCC. They work for professionals and offer extra perks like exclusive discounts for regular purchasers. Expect prices typical to high-end prices.

9. Amazon Prints

Amazon offers nearly every product on the market today so it’s no surprise that they decided to enter the world of photo printing with “Amazon Prints.” If you store your photos on Amazon Drive or Prime Photos, it’s a breeze to order prints and you’ll be able to score some great prices. If you don’t use Amazon Drive or Prime Photos, Amazon Prints isn’t for you since only photos stored in those locations are eligible for printing.

Amazon Print is number 9 in our test for the best printing service 2019. Large discount and reviews can be found on the Amazon website.

Amazon appears to be directly competing with Shutterfly and Snapfish by offering especially well-priced 4”x6” prints, as well as “large prints” (up to 20” x 30”), canvas prints (up to 20” x 24”), aluminum prints (up to 16” x 20”), photo books, cards, and wall calendars.

They print in the USA and have fast shipping policies, again especially if you’re a Prime member in the USA. 

10. Walmart

You can get nearly everything else you need at Walmart, why not photo print products too? Walmart Photo offers a huge range of photography products, from canvas to metal to books, blankets, calendars, pillows, and coffee mugs. Often you’re able to add your photo to a design or layout created by Walmart. These include different colors and even scalloped edges for metal prints, for example. Plan on scrolling for a long time to see all the options. The website highlights the variety of products available, without mentioning any type of quality guarantees or customer service. 

Walmart is number 10 in our test for the best printing service 2019. Print your photos at Walmart with a large discount. This is how you can get the best print quality ratio.

Walmart Photo Prints are very convenient if you shop at Walmart and need a fast turnaround. They offer 1 Hour pickup for many prints, even including some of their small-sized framed prints, and you can also choose to pick them up in-store or ship them to home. Shipping is free for orders over $35. 

11. Whitewall

Whitewall is number 11 on our list for best photo printing service. This company is a global company, well-known for its quality, large-size prints (up to 44” x 66”). You can order your photos printed on acrylic, metal, and canvas as well as framed photo prints, and get them nearly as large as you’d want. For each medium, they also offer a range of finishes, each one slightly different and with a different price point. If you’d like to hang a big photo print above your couch, for example, and are ready to spend several hundred dollars on a large print, Whitewall will definitely have a quality product that suits your needs. 

However, because of how the website is organized, it may take a fair amount of time to figure out which medium and which finish you can get at the size you want and the price you’re willing to pay. Prices are listed per size per medium, which means you’ll need to toggle between different pages to compare between Whitewall’s printing options.  

Whitewall delivers photos usually within 6 – 10 days, which includes production and shipping. They also ship worldwide, however prices vary significantly depending on where your print is headed and how large it is. There’s a convenient calculator on their website that gives approximate times and costs per product.

12. Mpix

Mpix is another quality all-rounder that offers a wide range of wall art options (acrylic, metal, canvas, wood, and framed prints) as well as cards, photo books, photo gifts, and special products for sports and weddings. For the smaller sizes, you’ll find everything you need. If you’re looking to print your photos larger than 30” x 40”, you’ll likely need to look elsewhere. 

Mpix is based in Kansas, USA, and started as a professional photo lab in 1964, expanding to offer its services to the general photography public in 2004. They pride themselves on providing high, homemade quality, exceptional customer service, and fast production (specifically for small prints and cards – often within 24 hours). You can choose the shipping time and rate that works for you. 

13. CanvasPop

As you probably guessed, CanvasPop specializes in canvas prints, although interestingly they’ve expanded to also offer framed prints and photo gifts. Their canvas prints are well respected, printed on archival-certified canvas that is designed to last over 100 years. They also include a protective, scratch-resistant UV coating. Free digital proofs are available for many products.

Besides a wide range of standard sizes, CanvasPop offers the ability to choose a custom size for your canvas print. You can input the width and height you want and they’ll make it exactly for those specifications, up to a width of 38” and a height of 72”. If you want a 3-panel display, you can use their online Triptych software to easily split your photo across three canvas prints.

CanvasPop offers Standard and Rush shipping, you can receive your order within 10-14 business days or within 6 business days if you’re in a rush. 

If you aren’t bothered by the texture of the canvas or the risk of losing part of your photo to the sides of the frame when it’s stretched, CanvasPop is a great option. They often offer discounts and special prices so keep an eye out for those if you plan to order.

14. CanvasChamp

Number 14 in our list for best photo printing service 2022. A relative newcomer to the printing market, Canvas Champ prides itself on offering the cheapest canvas prints available. But on their website, you’ll find many more products and quite a bit of innovation. Ever considered ordering a hexagon-shaped canvas print? You can get it at Canvas Champ. How about a 3D photo? Same thing. (They do mention that not all photos look good like this, so be sure to follow their advice.)

If you’re interested in hanging a collage of prints, their online collage maker makes it easy to visualize what you’d like to see on your wall.

Canvas Champ is owned by Prints and Signs International LLC and offers a huge product range typical of other all-around printers. They offer a 100% quality guarantee, saying they’ll do everything they can to get a smile on your face, but what they’re willing to do is unclear. 

Shipping is free for orders over $69, with delivery in 6 – 8 days. For faster delivery, you can select express or priority shipping. 

How to Choose the Best Photo Print Service For Your Photos

Still not sure which is the best print service for your photos? Take a bit of time to think it through using our practical steps:

Step #1. Write Down Your Requirements

How can you make a choice when you have no idea about the prints you’re looking for? Are you looking to hang a huge, beautiful photo above your couch or give a small photo gift to a departing colleague? Should it be one photo or a collage? How do you plan to hang it? Are there specific colors that you want in your print? By writing down what you want, you make it easier to narrow down what you want.

Step #2. Finalize Your Budget

Decide how much you want to spend (we recommend setting a maximum amount) and then check prizes, including the printing and shipping costs. This will help you decide which product you really want. Some print mediums like metal and acrylic can cost hundreds of dollars more than others such as Xpozer.  Find a print product that suits what you need, what you want, and your wallet.

Step #3. Look at Production and Delivery Times

Consider for example that your photo gift has to arrive in time for a birthday celebration. You need to be sure the production and shipping times are fast enough for it to arrive on time. If you have a very strict schedule, go ahead and contact customer service to confirm when you can expect your order before ordering. 

Your Photo as wall decor in your interior for the best photo printing service.


Seeing your photos printed is an awesome experience and we highly recommend it to all photographers. If you’re looking to hang your photos on the wall where they can really make an impact, it’s impossible to beat Xpozer’s print quality and surprisingly low prices. The ability to swap one print for another using the same frame makes it an even smarter choice. 

Many great all-around printers offer metal, acrylic, and canvas prints in small-to-medium sizes, with a few offering larger sizes. These mediums generally cost more to print and to ship. 

For small photos and photo gifts, there’s a huge range of high-quality printers with an amazing range of products. 

The choice is yours. Just make sure that whatever you choose makes you proud to look at your photos and brings a smile to your face. Photography is awesome and it even gets better when you start printing your photos!

What is the best photo printing service in 2022? We highly recommend Xpozer >

Ranking list: Best photo printing service 2022

Here you’ll find a complete list of all the photo printing services tested in 2022. We ranked them in the following order:

  1. Xpozer Photo Lab
  2. Bay Photo Lab
  3. AdoramaPix
  4. Miller’s Professional Imaging
  5. Snapfish
  6. Shutterfly
  7. Nations Photo Lab
  8. WHCC
  9. Amazon Prints
  10. Walmart
  11. Whitewall
  12. Mpix
  13. CanvasPop
  14. CanvasChamp

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  1. I found this article after going to Shutterfly for prints – I have been a customer for a long time but recently I have been turned off by their outrageous shipping fees. I am not sure why they have to charge so much, often more expensive than the actual prints! Thats really too bad…

    1. I have the same experience. They win you over with their huge discounts, but they compensate this big time by charging outrageous shipping fees.

    2. Canvaspop, Shutterfly, CanvasChamp and Mpix do the same. Especially for the larger print products such as metal prints, acrylics and canvas prints.

  2. 2.400 dpi? Two point four DPI isn’t sharp… Perhaps you meant to use a comma… 2,400 Two thousand and four hundred DPI

  3. Via this article I got to know Xpozer. After some research I figured out a lot of professionals are using it as well for their photos, even the legend Scott Kelby. So I ordered an Xpozer. I was very surprised by the print quality and how cool it looks on my wall. It also comes with a swapping feature for new prints, something that other print options don’t have. The Xpozer system is a great alternative for people who want to buy a canvas, acrylic or metal print.

  4. Your #8, WHCC / White House Custom Colour DOES do keychains and mugs. They do many things besides the prints and albums. Buttons even!!!!! Amazing place. Young and collaborative. Located in Minnesota

  5. It must be very informative! I am very impressed with your article. It is very helpful for
    Product Photography
    Keep on working, great job!. Thanks for sharing your nice article photographs, tips, and tricks.
    Excellent tips. This will surely help e-commerce business owners.

    1. Hi John, I’d recommend a Photo Check: After uploading your photo, our Xperts can tell you what’s possible. Afterwards, you could order a Photo Optimization if you’d like us to make the possible corrections/improvements. Hope that helps. Have a good day!

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