A big photo print – how to make it work

So, you want to order a photo print to hang on your empty wall? Great idea! Looking at your lifesize photo print makes you want to step back into that moment in time. And it will likely make you smile every time you see it. So, how do you style a big photo print in your home?

Choose your big photo print size wisely

The way you’ll experience your photo, depends mostly on its size and how it fits in with its surroundings.

Shadow, no frame

Xpozer prints don’t have a frame around the photo, only an invisible mount on the back. The 1″ distance to the wall creates a shadow behind the print. Give the print enough space around it, and it looks like a high end photo gallery print. For bigger prints, leave more space around it. You’ll want to avoid it looking crammed between walls, doors, and/or pieces of furniture.

Big photo print? Not too big …

Okay, so that sounds a bit vague. It all depends on the surroundings. Above a huge sofa, a 16″x16″ print looks a little lost by itself. In a small corner it could look perfect.

If you prefer smaller prints above a large piece of furniture, consider combining multiple prints together, to make a gallery wall. The photos together would visibly become one bigger piece of art.

Not too small, either …

Although it may seem impossible to get it right when I say ‘not too big and not too small’, it’s actually quite simple when you just remember this:

  • Hanging the print above a big piece of furniture, like a bed, sofa or dresser? Make sure the width of the print is between appr. 70% and 100% of the furniture.
  • Wanna make a statement or want to see your photo with all its details? Choose one of the larger Xpozer sizes.
  • Squares are great in pairs/quartets/sextets/octets! Combining squares makes a stunning gallery wall.
  • Choose the ratio of the Xpozer print according to your photo’s ratio. If they don’t match, the photo will have to be cropped. This could possibly affect your composition negatively.

Match your color scheme

Choosing a photo for your Xpozer is not just about choosing one of your favorite photos. It is also about creating a certain atmosphere in your home. If you chose a warm color palette for your furniture and accessories, a cool-colored print might not fit in. So, if you choose a photo that adds a whole new color to your palette, maybe add some accessories in the same color and spread them around the room. Especially when going with a big photo print, make sure to keep a balanced out color scheme.

Now that you have some pointers, do you know which size you’ll choose for your photo? Check Xpozer.com for any offers we might have at this moment.