Change for the better

Life is in a state of constant change. Change is not always easy, sometimes we want to hold on to things, people or moments that are especially beautiful and important. Letting go is not easy but there are ways to keep the memories fresh and nurture ourselves from it. We decorate our house with objects or photos that we give meaning to and that remind us of good things.

But learning to accept change has a lot of benefits, it is a reassurance that bad times will be over eventually. Other good things about change are that it allows us to move forward. 

Change brings excitement into life, it breaks through monotony and thus fills us with energy. It makes us break through everyday routines and can lead to new thoughts and ideas, it brings inspiration! Embracing change also helps us to stay flexible and open-minded which in general makes life easier. Bottomline: a little change in things every now and then is good for the body, mind and soul. But change is also not always easy to achieve, especially if it is very much wanted because we are not happy or satisfied with certain things in life, no matter if it is the job, the living situation or maybe even a bigger problem in society. Especially when we are stuck in a certain feeling or mood, we want to change but we don’t know how to achieve it.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy about the flow of energy in places and structures, its practice aims to bring harmony between individuals and their surroundings. Up until today, it is often used in Chinese architecture and interior design to make spatial orientation and design as harmonious as possible. The doctrine of Feng Shui states that our environment, our home, reflects who we are, but also affects the way we feel. Thus if we want a change in our life, it is a good start, to begin with what is surrounding us. Things in our home that in particular influence how we feel in life are books and artworks, in particular pictures. We also tend to put these things in our homes because they reflect very much who we are at a certain moment in life. It is good to regularly evaluate these things and ask ourselves: Are the pictures on the wall still representing who I am? Were there changes that I want to also bring into my surroundings? With what kind of images should I surround myself to bring the change that I am wanting at the moment into my life?

Change is also a value which we at Xpozer consider important. We have developed our product to encourage change. One of our ideas is that you don’t have to choose between pictures anymore, but by simply switching through, you can easily put many of your favourite pictures and best moments on the wall! Our tip for a constant breath of fresh air in the house: decorate a wall with Xpozer and choose a different Xpozer print to put on the wall for different times of the year. How about, for example, alternating atmospheric decoration photos at the summer solstice and winter solstice? Or a different photo of your loved ones for every season? Or every month another favourite beautiful memory on the wall? This way, your ambience will always be fresh and you will see that this also has an effect on your mood!