Choosing a photo for the wall based on the colors

So, you are redecorating or looking for a photo to add some more color to your room? Or maybe you’d like the colors of the photo to blend right in with the existing colors? Here’s what we can tell you about color in your photo and their effects.

Color is a hugely important part of which photo you should choose to hang on the wall. All colors have certain effects on the atmosphere in a photo, so they also change the atmosphere in a room, and they literally change how you feel. So, what do colors do to your mood and the atmosphere?

The colors red, orange and yellow

Warmer shades like red, orange and yellow provide you with a feeling of comfort. Red brings people together and encourages conversation. Yellow is an energizing color with a welcoming effect. Orange evokes excitement and enthusiasm. These colors can work great in rooms in which you receive guests, like a living room or dining room. 

The colors  blue, green and purple

The cooler colors of the spectrum are blue, green and purple. They have a more sereen, calming effect. Blue encourages relaxation and is associated with stability. Green is a perfect color for a place you'll likely be to unwind, like the place you'll likely read a book or take a bath. Lighter shades of purple have restful qualities. Do you like a more dramatic and sophisticated look? Darker purples like eggplant fit you better.

The colors black, grey, white and brown

If your space already has a lot of color, a neutral wall color like black, grey, white or brown might be perfect for you.

Editing the colors in your photo

There is absolutely no shame in tweaking your colors a bit, using Lightroom for example. Your photos' colors can be changed to fit your wants and needs better by slightly changing the hues.

Choosing the photo style

If your space is modern, perhaps an abstract or highly specialised photo would look best. In a more classical room, your space may benefit more from a traditional or geometric look.


Whatever you choose, choose a photo that makes you feel happy! You're probably going to look at the photo every day, so it's all about how the photo makes you feel. No course can decide that for you. Consider the effects style and color will have on the space, and make a decision based on your own taste.

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