Where to Hang Photos in Your Home

Photos have the power to transform your interior, but it’s not always easy to know which sizes are best for which space. To create this tip, we’ve condensed the advice of thousands of customers and interior design specialists, who have used Xpozer to transform their spaces. 

WHERE TO HANG PHOTOS IN YOUR HOME (and the sizes that look best) 

General advice…

There are standard photo sizes used by most photo printers. Some are small (think: photo book), some are medium (think: framed print), and some are huge (like Xpozer’s wall prints). For an overview of available sizes, consult a printer’s website or visit Xpozer’s list of print sizes.

Creating a spacious effect

Our secret rule of thumb is to always choose a wall print that is AT LEAST 2/3 the size of the furniture above which it will hang (couch, table, cupboard, bed, etc.). If you’re hanging your photo on an empty wall, you can go even bigger. We recommend at least 30″, but of course it’s up to you! 
So grab your tape measure, keep the photos you selected in mind, and let’s get started!

Where Photo Prints Look Great:

1. Above the couch

Your couch has a central spot in your living space, which makes it perfect location for showing off your wall-worthy photos. To create a spacious effect, choose a print width that is at least 2/3 the length of your couch. In general, this means your print should be at least 40″ (approx. 100 cm) wide. 
A photo print with an aspect ratio of 3:2 will look great above most couches. If you want a print with less height, consider a panorama print or several same-sized smaller prints in a row.
Een groot formaat panorama is perfect voor boven de bank.
A large panorama looks great above couch.

2. Above the dining table

You do a lot of living around your dining table and a wall print can make that space even better! Wall prints that are at least 2/3 the length of the table will bring new energy to your dining area.

Neem de breedte van de tafel als uitgangspunt voor je formaat fotoprint.
Use your table’s dimensions to choose the right photo size for that space.

3. Above the bed

A large photo above your bed can instantly create the atmosphere you want for this intimate space. Choose a print size that is 2/3 the width of your bed, generally with a minimum width of 45″ (approximately 120 cm). With a photo subject and color palette that fit the feeling of your bedroom, you make it your personal sanctuary.  

Creëer sfeer in je slaapkamer met een groot formaat fotoprint boven je bed.
Create the perfect atmosphere with a beautiful photo print above your bed.

4. In the hallway or staircase

To create a roomy feeling in your hallway or staircase, I suggest hanging several smaller-sized wall prints. Not only will your space feel bigger, but you’ll be able to show off more than one great photo. Choose photos with a common color or theme to create a simple, modern look.

Plaats meerdere foto's bij elkaar in de hal of trapoverloop voor een ruimtelijk effect.
Hang multiple photos in the hall or staircase to create a spacious effect.

5. In the kitchen

Photo walls print can add real spice to your kitchen! Above the counter or on a bare wall, choose prints that fit the space you have and complement the colors of your kitchen.

Geef je keuken pit met een fotoprint!
Add spice to your kitchen with photo prints!

Do it yourself!

Still not sure which size wall print will look best? We’ve been there, too. You can overcome size uncertainty by making mock photo prints in different sizes and testing them out on the wall.
Cut newspaper or trash bags into standard photo print wall sizes and tap. By using standard sizes, you’ll be choosing between photo print sizes that are easy to order online. (Look here for a list of Xpozer’s standard sizes.)  
This easy DIY tip will instantly help you visualize the photo size that best fits your space.
Gebruik een vuilniszak of krant om het formaat fotoprint te bepalen!
Use a newspaper or garbage bag to help you decide the right size.

Learn from others

For an excellent idea of how other photographers have hung photos in their homes, check out the Xpozer Instagram and Facebook pages. Of course, you need to choose the size that fits best in your particular space, but these examples from real Xpozer fans are sure to inspire!

It’s exciting to choose a wall print size and to decide where you’ll hang it – have fun! (To make it even easier, click here for a complete overview of Xpozer’s standard photo wall print sizes.)