Create your personal artwork with AI

Technology never stands still, and so does neither when it comes to photography and art. Artificial intelligence is one of the new innovations that continue to make its way into photography. From photo editing software where you can have the sky in your photo changed to generated works of art from your own photos. With the latter being the latest development. 

Meanwhile, there are several platforms where you can use artificial intelligence (AI) to have art created. But at one of the platforms, you can also print these artworks right away. And so, you have your personal finest artwork right on the wall. A unique work of art that gives character to the space.

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Through MyPrint.Ai, you can upload your photos and generate 100 works of art. Whether it’s photos of you, your partner, or your pet, the AI processes your images and creates different works of art within certain styles. See yourself, for example, transformed into Santa Claus, a superhero, a pilot, on a mural or in the style of a classic painter. 

Creating images through AI is not entirely new. Already for some time, there have been tools to convert text into AI-generated images. In this process, you type in what you want to see, and subsequently, the artificial intelligence generates an image out of it. MyPrint.Ai works on the basis of your photos and generated through artificial intelligence new, unique images. 

The result is incredibly accurate as if they were real photos or paintings. Perfect for a beautiful print!

AI art on a print

The personalized artwork, that MyPrint.Ai generates for you, suits perfectly a print for your wall. A unique piece of art that will give your home even more character and personality. The collaboration between Xpozer and MyPrint.Ai makes it super easy to print your coolest AI creation. Because of the different styles of the creations, there is always something that matches your interior. 

You can also give an AI artwork as a gift. If you want to create an AI sculpture of your partner or friends, please ask permission to use photos of them first. This is because to create your artwork, you will need more than 10 photos of your subject for the AI to create the artwork. 

Of course, you can also have beautiful art created of your pet. Below, we take you through the steps to print your coolest AI creation. As an example, we used our office mascot. 

STEP 1: Select your photos

Select up to 20 photos you want to use for the new creation. Keep in mind that the subject should be clearly visible. 

STEP 2: The AI goes to work

The processing of your images begins. Once the images are ready you will receive an email with a link to the results. 

STEP 3: Download your files and print your most incredible creations.

You can now download all your generated files. From here you can also print your creation on Xpozer. 

In our case we had four results printed on 40x40cm to make a nice grid.

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