The ultimate Easter photo – brunch photoshoot

A good-looking Easter themed table styling is like a little piece of art. Before your guests arrive and you start enjoying all those tasty Easter treats, take a moment to capture the pretty table and delicious-looking food with your camera by making the ultimate Easter photo. That way, even if you end up with smudges on the table cloth and broken bowls or glasses, you’ll always have the photos to remember it by. I’ll give you some tips to take the most gorgeous photos.

How to capture true Easter vibes

You have thought of everything. A beautiful table cloth, matching napkins, pretty plates and cute egg cups. How to capture all this in a photoshoot?

Tip 1: detail photos

Focus on the details. This egg is so adorable, it deserves its own photo, right?

If you are this creative with the items and food on the table as well, or if you use pretty plates and bowls, shoot some detail photos as well as overview photos. The details get lost if you just use overview photos. Show off your incredible taste with a few great detail shots!

Tip 2: add easter vibes with flowers and fruits

Add flowers, leaves and fruits when decorating the table. The pastel colors add the true Easter atmosphere.

Tip 3: Unity

This might be the most important tip of all: make sure everything on the table matches, by choosing colors and shapes that go well together. Pick a style and stick with it. Adding mismatches make everything look messy.

Do you prefer a colorful style? For Easter, we tend to use pastels and whites. You can’t go wrong if you stick to a light color palette.

Are you more of a classic interior type? If the table matches the interior perfectly like in the example below, keep both in frame!

Don’t you just love this pink theme? By adding the background in the frame, you can see that the green in the bouquet on the table fits in with the leafy background.

Choose a more sober color palette if you like it more rustic.

If the weather is nice, create an outdoor Easter brunch spot. This doesn’t have to be as complicated as it might sound. A picnic rug and some buntings might be enough to get into an Easter mood.

Ready for some romance? Close the curtains and light some candles. Up the ISO on your camera to capture more light with the camera’s sensor. Still to dark? Open the curtains a little and play with the light in post processing.

This is how you get a good food shot

After setting the table and serving all food, don’t forget your photoshoot moment before you dive in!

Tip 1: diffuse/soft light

Make sure you have good lighting. Use daylight if you can. To prevent harsh shadows, close the net curtains or use other fabrics or even paper to create soft lighting.

Tip 2: do it fast

Make sure the food is fresh. This might sound really obvious, but when I say fresh, I mean just out of the oven or just added the finishing touches seconds ago. After a few minutes, powdered sugar doesn’t look that apetizing anymore, syrup drips off your pancakes and smoothies don’t look so smooth anymore. So, don’t take too much time.

Tip 3: depth of field

Make sure to focus on the right spot. When you have multiple subjects in one photo, choose a main subject and make sure your focus point is spot on. This could be the croissant closest to you, or the middle egg in a bowl. When shooting people or animals, always focus on the eyes. Even if they’re decorative Easter bunnies 🐰

And this is what you do with your Easter photo

Final tip: Hang last year’s favorite Easter photo on the wall near your table, to enjoy it again!