Filip Staes: Underwater photos on Xpozer

Filip & Xpozer

I’ve worked with Xpozers for years. I had big sized Xpozers on the walls of my hair salon years ago. I didn’t use photos of hairdos, but photos I took from water, shot from both above and below. It was always a great conversation starter and I loved telling customers about my photo adventures. They often wondered how the photos could be that sharp and how they managed to ‘float’ in front of the walls. Every few months, I would change the photo prints, which again lead to great conversation. I like how they come in different sizes and am particularly fan of the panoramic 2:1 ratio prints for my underwater photos.

I’m now a fulltime underwater photographer. The Xpozer Frames I had in the salon now hang on the walls of my home, with new Prints on them. I’m often found in the waters of the Dutch province of Zeeland, and sometimes work on underwater shoots with models. Afterwards I give the model the best photo on Xpozer, as a thank you.

About Filip’s underwater photography

Filip’s diving career started 29 years ago in the analogue age. A few years later he rented a Nikonos camera to shoot photos in the Red Sea. After that first photo shoot, he was very succesful entering and winning photo contests (more than 175!).

Some of his greatest accomplishments are: 3x Belgian champion and 4x Photographer of the year (2014, 2016, 2018 and 2019). He won the Dutch championship in 2016, won ‘creative vision’ at Ocean Geographic in Australië (2018), the David Doubilet prize (2015) and the Jim Church prize for excellence and creativity at Beneath the Sea (USA) and got second place for a fish portrait at the CMAS World Championshop Underwater photography (2021).

His passion and hunger for new and creative visions lead him to found the Onderwater Fotografie Academie (Underwater photography academy). He teaches underwater photography through webinars, workshops and photo theme diving. He’s also a speaker for companies and clubs and writes articles. But most of the time, you can find him in the water. Together with fellow photographers he organizes adventures away from home.

For Filip, photography is a means to an end to show people unable to dive what the world underneath the water surface looks like. He wants to show the beauty and vulnerability of this magical world. His motto is ‘There’s nothing wrong with the ordinary, as long as you make it special’. It helps stimulate photographers to look at a subject differently.

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