Ideas for a beautiful gallery wall

Interior design magazines show us the most amazing gallery walls in stunning, huge houses. But even if you live in a smaller space, a gallery wall adds personality and color. How do you get the composition right and choose the right photos? Let’s soak up some inspiration and then: get started on your own gallery wall!

Gallery wall with or without a grid

While a ‘messy’ gallery wall may look amazing when done right, not everyone has a knack for creating the best compositions. Or maybe you’re just looking for a more organized look. In these cases, making a grid is the easiest solution. Making a grid from EPIX photo panels is super easy. This is how you create a grid of photos on your wall, in six easy steps:

  1. Choose the place on the wall, and choose the outlines of the grid.
  2. Use a pencil to create a grid of dots on the wall. Measure it out, so you’re sure to have the same spacing in between the photo panels.
  3. Start in the upper left corner and work your way to the bottom right one (so you don’t bump into the photos that are already up).
  4. Stick the EPIX mounts to the wall on each of the dots.
  5. Stick the magnets to the backs of the EPIX photo panels.
  6. Put the EPIX panels on the mounts and shove them around carefully until they are all straight and the spacing between the panels is correct.

Black and white

If you don’t like to use too much color, choose black and white! It gives the gallery wall calm and clean look, while you can still enjoy your precious memories through your photos.

Family portraits

Your family photos on the wall are a great way to reminisce and to keep track of the changes in your family. Kids grow up, partners and friends are added, beautiful trips are taken and milestones are achieved. A summary of the good times in your home can cheer you up any day!

Travel photos

Anyone I know who likes to travel comes home with at least a few great shots of their travel experiences. These are amazing pictures to decorate your home with. What makes a gallery wall fun, is that you can always keep adding photos to it.

Gallery wall in the workplace

EPIX is a versatile product, that can be used for photos, price lists, product photos, inspirational quotes or business logos. You name it, we print it. Get creative with your business’ styling!

Pimp, or detract attention from, a small or awkward part of a room

Do you have an awkward little cove or beam in your home? Make it a center of attention or detract attention from it, by using cleverly placed photos on the wall. Photos on a wall are great for catching your eye.