How do I choose the best photo for on the wall?

photo print on the wall of a living room

If you’re looking to hang a photo on the wall, there is a lot to consider. If you find it difficult to make your choice, follow this questionnaire to narrow down your choices. With one of your photo options in mind, answer these questions.

  1. Does the photo match the atmosphere in the room it’ll hang in?
  2. Do the colors in the photo match my furniture?
  3. Does the photo bring back good times I’d like to remember frequently?
  4. Is the file at least 60PPI? (check this with Photoshop or other editing software)
  5. Does the photo make me happy? 😊

Only if you can answer yes to all of them, you’ve found your best shots! Now follow your gut feeling, and remember: you’re always able to swap your prints now and then.
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