How do I straighten the horizon in my photo?

photo crop tool in photoshop used for straightening the horizon in a photo

Nothing is as annoying as a stunning photo that’s just a wee bit off. It takes a few seconds before you realise: the horizon isn’t straight!

When looking at your big photo print, you want it to be perfect. So no spots, the right colors and a straight horizon. So, if your photo is slightly tilted, how do you fix it?

Open your favorite photo editing software and use the crop tool to drag your photo to the right position.

In the example screenshot above, I used the crop tool in Photoshop, clicked and dragged along the edges of the photo and tilted the photo until it was straight. As you can see, part of the photo will have to be cropped out. Make sure to take your shot wide enough, so you won’t have to crop out important parts.

The end result:

If you don’t have Photoshop or similar software, try a Google search for ‘straightening a crooked photo without Photoshop’. There are plenty of online tools that can help you. Some payed, some free.

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