How to decide on the size of a photo print

Xpozer, like many other wall art, comes in many shapes and sizes. There is a simple rule of thumb to choose a size depending on the furniture you'll hang it above or nearby. Check out the video below and learn all about it. There are many examples too!

Choosing the width of the wall art

Like with many things in interior decorating, there are tricks to help you make decisions. There is a simple rule of thumb when it comes to choosing your wall art size.

Rule of thumb: The photo print or wall art should be between 2/3 and the full size of the furniture they'll be hanging above.

If you hang your Xpozer on a wall without any furniture near or against it, go wild and choose the biggest size that fits 😉 The bigger the photo, the more it makes a statement and sets the tone for the rest of the space.

xpozer above bed

Xpozer above a bed

The photo print above the bed is almost as wide as the bed itself. It makes such a powerful statement in this room. Don't hang it too close to the bed, to prevent accidents when making the bed or sitting against the back board.

Xpozer in an office

Xpozer in an office

Xpozer = great in the office, too!

Let's face it, most offices are boring. Photos can help make the office a more homey space that people feel more comfortable in. Did you know that a better office space can increase productivity? Think about it. A vibrant, pretty office space sparks creativity and photos on the wall could even be a good conversation starters or motivators.

Give your wall art 'breathing room'

Make sure the Xpozer isn't too close to the edges of the walls or windows. This way, the photo has some 'room to breathe'. The white wall between the windows in the example photo above forms a natural frame around the photo. 

Xpozer boven bank

Xpozer above sofa

Choosing the height of the photo print

The height of the Xpozer, that's a question of taste. You might want to consider the height of the space. In a room with a high ceiling, make sure the photo is tall. Otherwise it might look 'lost' in the space. In a room with a low ceiling, make sure the photo isn't too tall. This makes the room look smaller.

So, which wall art size fits your space? 

Measure the wall and measure the furniture that will be below the photo. Calculate a minimum of 2/3 of the sofa/bed/table/chair that the photo will hang above. Now you know the minimum width of the photo. Make sure the photo isn't wider than the furniture below it. That's the maximum width of the photo. 

If there is no furniture around, we'd recommend to choose a big photo to fill a big portion of the wall. Not only does that look better in the room, it also really brings out all the details in the photo.

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