How to save my photo for the print size I want?

woman in white blouse editing and saving her photos on a laptop

So, you want to print your photo and hang it on the wall? Great idea! Now that you are done editing your photo and it is just how you want it, you’ll need to save it. Don’t underestimate the importance of saving your photos the right way. Especially when you’re printing.

  • Whichever software you use, click ‘save as’ or ‘export’, so you get to choose how to save the file.
  • Save as a .JPG or .JPEG.
  • Make sure your photo has at least 60PPI (points per inch).
  • Don’t exceed the 100MB file size limit.
  • Save the photo in sRGB (colorspace).

Maybe you’re not familiar with all of these terms. That’s okay. When saving a photo you will come across all of these, so don’t worry. Make sure to keep to these guidelines and your photo will be ready to print on whichever Xpozer size you choose.

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