Photo Contest: Amazing Skies

Photo Contest Theme:

Amazing skies

With Your camera in the clouds

Laura Vink of the Vink Academy is the jury for the May and June Photo Contest.Laura has a strong preference for photographing sunrises or sunsets, because of the beautiful colors that arise in the sky. It is often also a snapshot; sometimes the place inspires you to take a beautiful photo and sometimes the light is the source of inspiration. That is why the theme this month is: Breathtaking Skies!Sheep clouds, threatening clouds, colored clouds, special clouds. A good excuse to have your head (and camera) in the clouds! Send in your best work and win an Xpozer 4Pack!

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1st of May – 30th of June

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1st of May – 30th of June

Share your photo on Facebook or Twitter and get your photo into the Top 25!

First week of July

Our Expert Jury will provide the Top 25 with feedback as well as pick the winner.

  • Photos with People and/or Animals
  • Clouds and skies
  • Color / Black & White



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JURY of the month:


Laura graduated as a psychomotor therapist and worked in this field for a few months. But when her job ended, she made the decision to focus entirely on photography.

Her life now revolves around photography and her website, although that was never the plan. Vink Academy has now grown into one of the largest photography websites in the Netherlands and Belgium, with more than 40,000 newsletter subscribers and more than a million unique visitors per year.

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