Photo prints on the wall – 10 tips and ideas

Photo prints on the wall are a very popular! People who love photography and would like to show off their amazing photos like to use Xpozer, because of the fine quality and great service. More and more people use photography in their homes to make the interior feel more personal. Also, many people enjoy their photos on the walls to keep memories closeby. Let’s get into the ways you can use photography in your home as well!

* All the photos in this article are made by real Xpozer customers *

1. Use photos to make your home more personal

First, photos make your home more personal. Ever been to a holiday rental home? What makes it instantly clear that the home isn’t actually someone’s home? Without a doubt, it is the lack of personality. A hotel room or holiday bungalow may look nice, but it usually lacks a personal touch. The soul and personality of someone who eats, sleeps and lives there. Adding your own photos will do just that. Add your personality to your interior and it instantly feels like a home.

2. Show off your photography skills and creativity

You’ve invested in educating yourself in the world of photography. You’ve bought the better gear. Also, you’ve practiced your photography for hundreds of hours. You will want to enjoy the beautiful results. The photos you take have become so strong, you’ll obviously want to show them to your friends and family. Our tip: show them your photos on a good quality print. Your photos definitely deserve it. Also make sure the print isn’t too small. You’ll want to enjoy all the interesting little details in your photos.

As a bonus: if you print your ‘best photo’ regularly, you’ll get a nice timeline of your progress as a photographer. Plus: you get to swap your newer and older photos whenever you want, changing your room’s vibe every time.

3. Photo prints to keep memories closeby

Do you remember that holiday some twenty years ago? Probably only little bits and pieces. Do you remember it better when you’ve regularly looked at the photos you took there? Definitely! The same goes for taking photos of your family. Especially the ones of kids, because change so much in such a short amount of time. You won’t remember exactly what they looked like a couple of months or years ago. So our greatest tip: take photos, and decorate your home with them. Those fantastic moments, those loved ones, will put a smile on your face every time you see them.

Tip: Use your happy memory photos where you’ll be in the morning, so you start your day with positive memories and vibes!

4. Photo print ideas to add color to your home

Do you like a clean, minimalist look, or do you prefer many colors and decorations? No matter your style, your Xpozer photo wall art absolutely will fit in. Add a photo with some color in it to a boring wall, and it brightens up the room in an instant. Your photo print should fit in with the color scheme of your home, but that doesn’t mean that the same exact colors have to come back. It just means the colors should go well together. For example: did you use cooler colors in the room? Cozy it up with some warmer hues, to balance it out.

Example of adding color to a white wall – photo by Xpozer customer Ludo Verhoeven
Subtract a little of the bright green by adding a black and white image to your wall – photo by Xpozer customer

5. Photo prints to add atmosphere

A photo can bring an enormous change to a room’s atmosphere. As I mentioned, you can use it to add or substract color, but you can also create a different vibe, like in the beachy room in the below.

Example of adding atmosphere to a room – Photo by Xpozer customer Peter Korevaar

6. Photo prints to add joy

Add some joy to your room by using a photo that makes you smile!

A great memory of a great holiday – photo by Xpozer customer Susanne Viset

7. Photo prints instead of plants

If you travel a lot or if you just don’t have green fingers, it is hard taking care of plants. Of course, the calming effect of plants is something we could all use once in a while. Did you know that same calming effect occurs when you have a photo of a plant or landscape, compared to the real thing? A beautiful photo of a plant or nature doesn’t need any maintenance, will stay pretty no matter the amount of sunlight it gets, and you’ll even be able to swap it four times a year to match the seasons (tip)!

8. Never get bored of your photo prints on the wall

Swapping your Xpozer prints is so easy, it takes no longer than a minute to hang a new photo with the clever reusable frame, in addition to rolling up the old print and tuck it away neatly in the handy triangular box. Because you’ll get to reuse the frame over and over, all you’ll need is a new print. That is how you can keep changing your wall art quite affordable.

9. Hang photo prints on the wall wherever you want

Hang an Xpozer in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or conservatory, workplace, or any other wall you like. The Xpozer print and frame are UV-proof, scratch-proof and water proof and fit any space.

10. Choose the right photo size

The best Xpozer size depends on the space it will hang in. A bigger wall definitely benefits from a bigger print, and a small wall would preferably have a smaller Xpozer. A photo print needs some ‘breathing space’ around it. Too much space around it makes it seem ‘lost’. Also, make sure to hang it centered when it’s on a smaller wall.

Ready to choose your photo for the wall

Without a doubt, after reading all this, you’ll be ready to choose a great photo to freshen up your wall with. When you’re sure about your photo and you’ve figured out which size you need, go here and order your amazing pic on Xpozer >

The photo at the top of this article was taken by Johan van Drunen.