Shooting flowers – Get creative!

It’s nearly springtime. Time for shooting some flowers!

Nothing says springtime like a nice bouquet of fresh flowers. For photographers, flowers can be an interesting subject to explore, because it is a subject that is everywhere, always and honestly: boring most of the time. To make an interesting flower photo, you must bring your A-game. Most are photos of pretty flowers, instead of pretty photos of flowers. So, challenge yourself to take a great flower photo that is not just another flower photo.

Shooting colorful flowers vs. black and white

When I think of springtime, I think of how the world changes from mostly grayscale to a beautiful, full color palette again. All the colors of the rainbow pop up wherever you look. It would therefore make sense to use color as the main subject in your photo.

Don’t forget the importance of the background color!

However, when you’re into black and white, the shapes of the flowers become the main subject of the photo, as well as the lighting. This could also be a very interesting approach!

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Change your point of view

When you are out of ideas, change your point of view! Photos taken from eye level are often boring, as that is how we all see the world all the time. So to make a photo into something a little more special, lie down and find out what’s there to see from there, check out the backside of the flower, or take your drone out for a spin and fly over your subject. More exciting photos guaranteed!

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Shooting flowers by zooming in (macro) or out (bird’s eye view)

When you are changing your point of view, try to also step back and find an interesting composition from further away. Zooming in more can also make your photo super interesting. Do you have a macro lens? Try to take some interesting and creative photos of flowers with it!

Last tip on how to shoot creative photos of flowers:

Find interesting details and combinations! When you think of photos of flowers, you probably imagine a bouquet or flower field, maybe a macro photo. Am I right? Well, what if you combine the flower with another item or subject? That could make your photos a whole lot more surprising! Get inspired by these pretty pictures of flowers, where the flower itself isn’t the only subject.

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All flower photo tips:

  • Use the colors of the flower to your advantage and fill your photo with a beautiful explosion of color.
  • Choose a more moody look with black and white, which makes you focus more on shape, light and structure than anything else.
  • Want your photo to stand out? Change your point of view. Don’t take photos from your usual eye level, but bend down, lie on the floor, use a drone or check out the backside of a flower. Change your point of view to create a special composition.
  • Watch the flowers’ details and focus on a detail that you find interesting.
  • Find an interesting combination of subjects. A little insect on a flower, an interesting background or an original setting go a long way for a more unique photo.