Tip: Choose your best photos of 2021 and hang ’em on the wall

Why? Just because it makes you happy. Your best photos represent some of your best memories. When you have taken a photo that you love, it is an accomplishment that you are proud of. Hanging it on the wall makes you see your photo for real, and relive that wonderful moment every day. That memory will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. That’s why we print. Want to bring your photos into your home as well? In this article, I answer some questions you might have. For example: how do you choose your best photo?

Which is my best photo?

Your best photos are the ones that you can’t let go of. The ones you still see when you close your eyes. The ones that inspire you and others to go out and take some more amazing photos. How do you select the best ones after having taken hundreds of photos during a shoot? It’s a process that we sometimes put off, because it’s hard or frustrating. Watch this video on how to make your selections. It’s initially mostly about editing and selecting your photos based on its technical features and composition, and the last part of the video sheds some light on the differences that different photos can make in your interior.

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Which photo subjects are good?

Our advice: select your best photos based on your best memories. Photos are snapshots of moments that we deemed worth to photograph. We wouldn’t have grabbed our cameras if we didn’t feel the need to capture the moment. Those are the photos that we want to see on the wall, right? So, what were you up to last year? What are the first things to come to mind when I ask: what made you smile? Or: what made your heart race?

You can also choose your photo subject based on what you want to add to the wall. What subject fits the room, which colors would you like to add?

Photos are personal

The moment you decide to pack your camera, the moment you take it out of your bag, the moment of snapping, the composition you make, these are different for everyone. Therefore, all of your photos are unique. So is choosing the best photo. What is a good photo? It’s a matter of taste and personal preference. So, whatever you do: it’s your choice and there is no right and wrong. Follow your intuition, and you’ll always make the right decisions.

May your best photo win the Photo Contest

Once you’ve chosen your best photo of 2021, upload it to our Photo Contest “Best of 2021”. You might win an Xpozer 4Pack! Join the Photo Contest >

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