Winner Photo Contest ‘Landscapes’

Vincent Croce was the jury of the Photo Contest Landscapes. He chose a top 3 and gave feedback (fun to read and learn from!). At the bottom of this page you’ll find the top 25. In the top 25 are the photos that were most voted on.

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? The winner of the Landscapes contest …

Photo by: Erik Bergmans

Vincent about Erik Bergmans’ winning photo:

“A typical Dutch landscape. A very big plus is the runner at the end of the road. The sun, road, runner and church are the most important elements in the photo. The fact that they are centered, makes it comfortable to look at. The tree masks the sun a bit, which otherwise would have been too bright. I like that the colors are intense, but not over the top. The warm, yellow sunlight creates a beautiful contrast with the cold shades of the snow. Personally, I would have cropped this photo to a 16:9 ratio, to cut off the bright sun. The sun attracts too much attention to my taste. Still, I really like this photo. It feels like an image of the classic Dutch painters.

Erik Bergmans took this photo in the Ooijpolder near Nijmegen, right after sunrise midwinter. Congrats, Erik!

? 2nd place goes to …
Dennis Jennis, Heinabergslón glacier in Iceland

Photo by: Dennis Jennis

Vincent about the runner up:

“Lovely, intimate photo with great textures. The colors look genuine and intense. The stark contrast between the blue ice and the dark sky looks pleasant. I love the layers, each with their own texture and color. I’d love to make a big print of this.”

? 3rd place is …
Sandra Van Dam, “A sunny day

Photo by: Sandra van Dam

Vincent about the 3rd place:

“Great, fresh-looking forest photo. I like the subtle sunrays and the composition is well balanced. That’s always tricky in the forest. The warm colored highlights and the vibrance of the greens combined, create a well executed photo here. Well done!

Top 25 Landscapes


Congrats on all of your wonderful submissions. You who’ve made it into the top 25: well done and well-deserved! Did you enjoy the contest? You are welcome to join the new one, too! We’re looking for your best 2021 shot.