Winner Photo Contest ‘A Panoramic View’

Who is the winner of the Xpozer Photo Contest? Ashwin Wullems was on the jury for the photo contest ‘A Panoramic View’. He picked a top 3 from all photos in the top 25 and wrote feedback.

The winner of the ‘A Panoramic View’ contest is …

Photo: Jimmy Sorber

ASHWIN on the winning photo:

The light from the left is great and contrasts very nicely with the dark storm that seems to be coming. There is very little to note about your photo. The composition is good and everything is nicely balanced.

2nd place goes to … Ruud!

Photo: Ruud Engels

What a cool perspective and this lives up to the name panorama. I think I would have waited a bit longer so that the right side was a bit less dark and blue or perhaps raised it a bit in post-processing. Now it looks a bit dark. In addition, I think I would have chosen to make the mountain hut on the left a bit more prominent.

3rd place is …

Photo: Boas van den Berg

Again, a very cool photo! I wonder what the photo would have looked like if you had taken a few steps to the left and how the perspective would have turned out, but this might not have been possible at all. I don’t think the person as the subject is necessary in this photo, the grandeur is already hugely visible through the small houses. So, should it have been possible to take a few steps to the left, you could have made the foreground a little less present. Nevertheless, a deserved place in the top 3!


Congrats on all of your submissions! It has been great to see so many incredible photos. Did you enjoy the contest? We’ve got a new contest going until the end of October. We are looking for your best photos!