Winner Photo Contest ‘Big World’

The photo contest ‘Big World’ has come to an end. We have received many contributions showing us our lovely big planet from a multitude of angles and perspectives. Big Thank you to everyone who participated!

From the 25 most-voted photos, we have chosen a top 3. Congratulations to all the winners!

The winner of the ‘Big World’ contest is …Marc

Photo: Marc Barthelemy

The winning photo:

It is simply a breathtaking sunrise that evokes a feeling of awe. The composition with the bird in the foreground and a chain of other birds leading into the background is simply brilliant. In this photo, we get the feeling of a huge wide world stretching out behind the mountain range.

2nd place goes to … Alex!

Photo: Alex Jenkins

This shot from a bird’s perspective, showcasing how small the canoes are in comparison to the vast body of water and the dense forest, is truly humbling. The shoreline, stretching diagonally across the image in a ratio of approximately 2:3, adds dynamism and vividness to the scene. We believe that this photo captures the immensity of our planet and awakens the desire for adventure.

3rd place is … Eric!

Photo: Eric Massey

Placing this small human in front of a landscape with towering rocky mountains creates a compelling contrast that builds tension. It also serves as a reminder of how we perceived the world as children—vast and full of wonder. Additionally, the fresh green tones provide a pleasing contrast to the blue sky. We believe this picture captures the essence of the ‘Big World’ and evokes a sense of awe.


Congrats on all of your submissions! It has been great to see so many incredible photos.

Did you enjoy the contest? We’ve got a new contest going until the end of February. We are looking for your best photos!