Winner Photo Contest ‘LOVE IS IN THE AIR’

The photo contest ‘LOVE IS IN THE AIR’ has come to an end. We have received many contributions showing us our lovely big planet from a multitude of angles and perspectives. Big Thank you to everyone who participated!

From the 25 most-voted photos, we have chosen a top 3. Congratulations to all the winners!

The winner of the ‘LOVE IS IN THE AIR ‘ contest is …So Pyay Lynn

The winning photo:

These two elderly people, lovingly caring for each other and joking around, give the impression of being newly in love. The background of the cut wood creates a dynamic pattern, adding depth to the scene. The picture features a harmonious, muted color palette, which lends authenticity and prevents it from slipping into kitsch. It’s a photo that immediately warms the heart and gives the feeling that fresh infatuation can last for an eternity.

2nd place goes to … Katia Colman

Photo: Katia Colman

An astonishing icy landscape, but even though it is freezing, this photo warms our hearts. The way these two penguins are facing each other and interacting reminds one of humans caring for each other. The penguins are positioned in the golden ratio, which makes the picture balanced. The image suggests that even in the coldest, most remote places, and among animals, love can be in the air. It reminds me of how universal the feeling of love is.

3rd place is … Shirley van Lieshout

Photo: Shirley van Lieshout

In this image, we witness the love between a human and an animal, specifically between a girl and a horse. The picture is bathed in soft light, and the reflections of light in the background add to its dreamy beauty. The love we share with animals can be profoundly strong, as evidenced in this photo, particularly in the girl’s gaze: her shining eyes are fixed on the horse, conveying the feeling that the horse is everything to her.


Congrats on all of your submissions! It has been great to see so many incredible photos.

Did you enjoy the contest? We’ve got a new contest going until the end of March. We are looking for your best photos!