Winner Photo Contest ‘Spring Jitters’

Who is the winner of the Xpozer Photo Contest? Sarmad (@lostventurer) was on the photo contest ‘Spring Jitters’ jury. He picked a top 3 from all photos in the top 25 and wrote feedback.

The winner of the ‘Spring Jitters’ contest is …

Photo: Martijn van den Houten

Sarmad on the winning photo:

I love the composition in this photo! The leading lines gracefully guide the viewer’s gaze straight to the breathtakingly vibrant flower fields, while the sky bursts with an array of stunning colours. You made an excellent choice to capture this shot at either sunrise or sunset, great work!

2nd place goes to … Anthony!

Photo: Anthony Colburn

The colours in the sky are absolutely breathtaking! The gentle mist that blankets the ground adds to the mood and is a sure sign that spring is on the horizon. The photo also evokes a sense of peaceful calm, making it very pleasing to gaze upon. You did a fantastic job capturing the colours, and bravo for waking up bright and early to seize the moment!

3rd place is …

Photo: Claudia Pfeiffer

What a great eye you have to spot those magnificent rays of light shining through the forest! I also like the fact that there are multiple colours present in this image.


Congrats on all of your submissions! It has been great to see so many awesome photos. Did you enjoy the contest? We’ve got a new contest going until the end of June. We are looking for your best black and white photos!