Winner Photo Contest ‘Best of 2021’

Frank Doorhof was the jury of the Photo Contest Best of 2021. He chose a top 3 and gave feedback (fun to read and learn from!). At the bottom of this page you’ll find the top 25. In the top 25 are the photos that were most voted on.

Tip: The new contest (theme: Water) has started. Send in your best photo <here>

? The winner of the Landscapes contest …

Peter Leering

Frank about Peter Leering’s winning photo:

Photography is capturing unique moments in time that will never come back, this photo does a fantastic job representing climate change. With the theme "Best fo 2021" in mind, I decided to announce this photo as the winner.

? 2nd place goes to …

Ed van der Reek

Frank about the runner up:

A good photo continues to grab your attention and somehow I kept looking at what's going on here and what the ants are doing, like they're working together to get up. Simply a very interesting photo that continued to fascinate me.

? 3rd place is …

“The Famous Quetzal bird in Costa Rica” – Sofie Ceulemans

Frank about the 3rd place:

A fantastic scene, beautifully framed and also beautiful in terms of dynamic range, hence the third place. Personally, I think that the photo would be very nice with a little more contrast and less exposure.

Top 25 Landscapes


Congrats on all of your wonderful submissions. You who’ve made it into the top 25: well done and well-deserved! Did you enjoy the contest? You are welcome to join the new one, too! We’re looking for your best shot that shows “Water”