Winners Announcement: Cars & Bikes

The winner of the Photo Contest has been chosen! Beautiful photos and awesome stories have been uploaded to our system. Thank you all for your submissions!

And the winner is …

Photographer: Maikel van Willegen

For me, photography started as a hobby, but soon turned into something bigger. Since January 2021, I've been working on my own photography part time. I do portraits and commercial photos for a number of companies, but cars are one of my favorite subjects. The perfect models, I sometimes call them. Longer shutter speeds, different lighting and many options in post can make the photo spectacular. Friends of mine are also crazy about cars and they regularly call me whenever they have a cool car for the day. That's what happened with this Mercedes AMG, too.

Want to see more of Maikel's work?

Facebook: Maikel van willegen photography
Instagram: @maikelvanwillegen_photography

Xpert judge Noortje Blokland about the winning photo

"It looks like a still frame straight out of a movie. You get pulled into the picture. The snow and the tire tracks of the car make the photo dynamic. You’ve clearly spent time on your editing. The only thing I’d like to add is the rock in the foreground should have had motion blur, because the road does. Nevertheless, this is a work of art!"

Xpozer Team Picks!

The Xpozer Team has also chosen two winners. One for Most Creative and one for Technical Skills. These winners win the Xpozer Prize Pack!

Technique winner:


 “Tulsa Tough” is a major bicycle race held each spring in my hometown.  I was standing curbside and wanted to capture a motion effect as these racers flashed by.  It was a bright day, so I had to stop my Nikon D500 (with Tamron 18-400 lens @ 18 mm) down to f 22 to allow a slow 1/30th sec shutter speed at ISO 100 and mash off a burst as I turned with the motion.  I chose this frame because one rider was isolated in focus. The image was shot in June, 2019 and was “favorited” by the Nat. Geo. Photo editor on the National Geographic Your Shot website (which has since been discontinued.)
Check out Wallace on Instagram: Wallove1

Creative Winner:

Ap Quist

Top 25

This is the top 25 of the competition. The jury wrote feedback for each of the photos in here! Click a photo to reveal the feedback.

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