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This is why

You like to click with your subject,
Your print letting you relive that wonderful moment,
Turning moments into timeless images
To share with family and friends.

The magic happens when a digital image is printed
That’s when your photo’s story comes to life, becomes real.

That is why every photo can benefit from an extra
check before they become a beautiful, large photo print. 
To really bring the story of your photo to life.

Resolution Check Guide

Checking your photo's resolution is an essential part going from a photo on your screen to stunning wall print. By using the tips in this article, you can be sure that your photo's resolution is high enough to print big!

Ratio Check Guide

The ratio of your photo can affect its composition and how it looks on your wall. We'll walk you through everything to consider as you decide on the right ratio for the print you want to hang in your home. 


Sharpness Photo Check Guide

Sharpness is one of the key elements of photography. Getting your shot perfectly in focus can be quite a challenge sometimes. Find out what to look for to get the best out of your shot!

Portrait Photo Check

From standard portraits to artistic fantasy portraits. There’s something for everyone. One of the most important things in portrait photography is getting the focus right. 

landscape photo check guide

Whereas with portrait photography you are looking for a nice soft background with landscape photography this is definitely not the case. But how do you get the best landscape shot without creating a boring flat photo? 

sharpening and noise reduction

There's a lot more to a sharp photo than the moment you capture your photo. Aside from a sharp photo, a spotless photo is just as important. Noise can be a very distracting element in your photo. In this blog we’ll tell you all the ins and outs of sharpening and noise reduction! 

Contrast Photo Check

Did you know contrast is essential to a striking image? In fact, it’s crucial. Contrast adds depth to an image, making it more attractive. It invites the viewer to really look at a photo and the story behind it. Learn how contrast works and how to create an even stronger image. 

spot removal 100% check

A spotless photo is a dream of every photographer. Unfortunately we do find ourselves in many situation that this is not the case. Luckily there things such a as Lightroom or Luminar, great tools to make sure you get the best out of our photos. In this blog post you’ll learn the basic, but best, tricks to get a spotless photo with the use of Lightroom.

distortion photo check guide

Have you ever taken a photo in which buildings seemed to be leaning backwards, or other lines were not 100% straight? It can happen to the best of photographers. You want your photo print to match reality, so buildings and other lines in your photo should be straight. You might see it twenty times larger on a print (and of course you don’t want the Eiffel Tower to look like the Pisa tower). 

color space image check

When saving your photo, you can also set your preferred color spaces. Different spaces offer different levels of color saturation. The most well-known color spaces are RGB (which has multiple variations) and CMYK. 

composition photo check

Ultimately your entire image depends on your composition. The composition guides the viewer’s eye through your photo. The photography world has a “fixed” set of rules that are applied to build a strong image. However, it’s always good to get creative with your composition. After all, rules are meant to be broken.

White Balance photo check

Colors make and break our photos! We want our grass to be green, the skies to be blue and skin tones to be natural. Yet sometimes your camera might just capture it differently. By using the correct white balance your colors will always look vivid and natural.

chromatic aberration

Any photo enthousiast, like all of us at Xpozer, wants to make sure our photos look amazing before we print them! One thing that is often overlooked is chromatic aberration. Yet, it’s an essential part of preparing your photo for print. In this article we’ll give you a step by step guide to removing chromatic aberration!

Pop your colors

Color brings your photo to life. From a beautiful sunset in Morocco, the purple lavender fields in the South of France or the tulips in the Netherlands. To make sure that your photo really stands out, you have to play with color. We’ve gathered some tips to help you pop your colors!

black and white photography top tips

Where color photography could distract the viewer from the subject, black and white photography enhances the contrast and structure to bring the subject to life. This is why black and white photography is very common in street photography and wedding or, portrait photography. 

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